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Why Invest in Digital Signage

When it comes to getting a return on your investment with digital place-based media, the numbers speak for themselves. Digital signage is currently the fastest growing ad medium on the market. It has been rated the most trusted medium by millenials, and it has a higher rate of recall than television!

Digital signage is an indoor, ad-based medium that uses a media device to run lightly animated advertisements on a television that engages viewers and attempts to impact them at the point of purchase. Research shows that digital out-of-home advertising is effective, because viewers are already in a “buying mode” when they enter a retail center.

An Arbitron study shows that when exposed to Digital Place-Based media:


of people exposed to a display watched


of people that watched recalled seeing an ad


of people that recall seeing an ad made an unplanned purchase

Source: DailyDOOH blog, September 25, 2013 article by Gail Chiasson, North American Editor, titled, #DpbMedia Revenue Growth Outpaces All Media For H1 2013
Source: Arbitron, 2010 study by Diane Williams, Senior Media Research Analyst, titled, Arbitron Digital Place-Based Video Study 2010

Who We Are

RidgeLogic Development provides digital signage software applications, content design and programming services to meet the needs of end users, resellers and OEM partners. We are committed to helping people tell a multimedia story that can be shared with family, friends, customers or staff.

The executive team at RidgeLogic has many years of experience in the digital signage industry. We have designed content, installed products at end user locations, built sales channels and developed relationships with major hardware vendors. This experience provides our team a comprehensive understanding of our industry and the ability to deliver total solutions.

What We Do

We provide complete, end-to-end, scalable digital signage solutions that are tailored to your needs.


Digital Signage Solutions

We give you the flexibility to structure your content however you want. Any company interested in utilizing digital signage may be in need of a custom solution as simple as advertising a single location or as complex as managing a scaleable global solution.

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Digital Kiosks

Enhance the visitor experience with professional digital kiosks. Our proprietary software offers the reliability, security, and versatility you are looking for in professional interactive signage. Let our self-service machine help to keep your business running smoothly by delivering high quality multimedia in your store-front, reception area, or lobby.



Interactive Touch Screens (Any Size)

Get your visitors involved in an interactive experience with our interactive digital signage. Our touch screen displays deliver content that is immediately relevant to your customers. A cloud-based system allows for remote management and scheduled deployment of fresh content, and our versatile software lets you choose between using multi touch displays, or another type of peripheral for user input.



Video Walls

Our high-quality digital video walls let you make sure that your message is heard. Choose your own matrix of displays, and go as big as you want! Our easy to use software will have you up and running in no time, and our high performance displays with 24/7 reliability will ensure a low cost of operation for any video solution you choose to use.



Menu Boards

Our cost effective Menu Board option is an easy way to keep your fast food signage neat, current, and attractive. Use our menu boards to run specials, promote a good or service, or change your prices with our remote support. Avoid the hassle of managing a traditional menu on your own by calling us today.



Counter-Top Displays

Our counter-top displays are great for keeping customers informed in high visibility locations. The device features internal storage that can run video content, and can be updated by USB. Run sales specials, show schedules, add customizable menus to tables, or simply promote a product right at the point of purchase. Contact us for more information.


Advertising Solutions

Digital Place-Based Media has recently dominated the ad spend in global advertising for several years in a row, because it works. Promote your brand to customers at the point of purchase throughout the community on a network of ad venues. Our advertising options offer you the choice to focus on captive audiences within your own vertical, or appeal to a larger audience.


Where Do We Do It

We take pride in providing signage to a variety of verticals:

• Medical Centers
• Churches
• Shopping Malls
• Transportation
• Retail
• Multisport
• Banking and Finance
• Entertainment
• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Food Service
• Bars and Restaurants
• Hospitality
• Med Spas
• Government
• Corporate Communications

How To Get Started

Reach out to us to discuss our products. We will work with you to find an ad medium, budget, and implementation that works best for you. All you need is an internet connection, and an outlet for us to install a RidgeLogic display in your business. Once you have your display, we will manage your content for you, so you don’t need to learn new software, and running a new campaign is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call.

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