What is The Community Network?

The Community Network is a cloud-based digital signage network of TVs that screen a mixture of regional entertainment, and locally sourced advertisement. Our business model emphasizes programming that will help customers identify you as an integral part of the community.

Impress • Entertain • Advertise • Inform

Your customers will be able to watch:
• Regional Happenings (Local fundraisers, concerts, entertainment listings, sports schedules, and events)
• News Updates
• Weather Forecasts
• Fun Facts (Trivia snippets about the United States, and of course, your surrounding area)
• Your Story The Way You Want To Tell It (Our design team will work with you to create advertising that reaches out to your clients to keep them informed and promote your business)

Make More • Do Less

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Take advantage of the single ad medium with the greatest rate of recall in order to make more money NOW without lifting a finger, or needing to learn new software.

Call Us

We will discuss our options and help you pick one that works best for your business.

Content is King
Send us some of your brand resources and desired promotions. Our design team will work to create engaging content that matches your brand identity.

Sit Back
All you need is an electrical outlet and an internet connection. We will install a TCN display at your location, and manage all of your content remotely. You won’t even need to learn new software.

Digital signage is the fastest growing ad medium in North America. Use the opportunity to:
• Promote featured products
• Keep customers informed
• Answer frequently asked questions
• Reduce perceived wait times.

More Information

Find out more about our Community Network in the Buffalo area.



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