4 Technologies to Improve Efficiency in Your Wellness Practice


Digital transformation is stretching far and wide—and that certainly should include your chiropractic facility. Surely, your place of business has already adopted several digital tools that makes things run smoother. But are there any that you’re missing out on that could dramatically improve efficiency at your chiropractic center?

Below, we’ll go through four readily-available technologies that will not only improve the efficiency of your practice but also potentially increase your customer base — all while helping to improve your customer’s overall experience.

Online Scheduling

This is a big one. Every owner with an established business knows the complexities and inconveniences that can come from manually scheduling appointments. Digital client scheduling software has been around for a while now, but not all systems are equal.

Not only should you be using scheduling software at your business, but it should also be available to your patients if they’d like to pick their own appointments. This can be done by using virtually any of medical software currently available, often via a portal on your website or even a smartphone app. Making it easy for patients to pick and schedule their own appointments increases retention and eliminates hassles on both ends.

In short, you should already have an online scheduling system in place, but if you don’t, this is an absolute must moving forward if you want to keep up with the times.

Telehealth Visits

If you are under the impression that telehealth visits are more suited for general health practices, think again. Savvy and innovative chiropractors can easily utilize telehealth visits with patients, which is even more valuable during a pandemic. Plus, it helps retain appointments from patients who may otherwise end up canceling the visit or slowly drifting away from being a regular patient.

There are several different ways you can use telehealth technology to benefit your patients. Services can include pain relief solutions to use at home, providing expertise in regard to exercise, stretches, ergonomics, and nutrition, and of course, just checking in and general accountability for your patients who may be in a routine you’ve instructed them to stay up with.

CRMs and/or Practice Management Software

If you aren’t using some sort of customer relationship management (CRM) or practice management software, it’s time to start. These software types can streamline a number of operations with your practice while also providing valuable insights that can help you pinpoint areas to improve upon.

Some examples of things CRMs can provide include:

  • Emailing your patients on their birthdays
  • Sending out one-time discounts for patients who haven’t been in for an extended period
  • Sending relevant educational and informative emails to patients
  • Reminding patients about their appointments, or to make one
  • Tracking social media interactions and click rates
  • Tracking promotional email performance and marketing channels

Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to improve your business’ efficiency, as it offers much more than just improved aesthetics and enhanced visual appeal (which are also good).

Programming for your signage can be set up to show your visitors educational content about the benefits of chiropractic care, provide helpful reminders about scheduling appointments, and inform them of promotions and discounts for referrals. This creates an easy and automated way to effectively reach your patients when they are already in your location — something that can encourage new referrals and ensure your patients are aware of all the resources and services available to them.

Additionally, your digital signage content can entertain waiting patients and help to reduce perceived wait times. You can even squeeze in some promotional content while you’re at it. This could be about fund raisers, health awareness campaigns, social media pages, revenue generating content.

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