Why Video Content Gets Your Brand the Most Attention

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In today’s world, video marketing is increasingly becoming the medium of choice, which makes sense when you consider how much video content we all now consume on a daily basis. If you’re not already making video content a core part of your marketing—especially when deployed via digital signage—now is the time to get on board.

Keep reading to learn some of the most important reasons why video content is the best way to draw attention to your brand and leave a lasting impression.

Visual Appeal

Although text and image-based content certainly have their place with digital signage, video content is a surefire way to appeal to your viewers and captivate their interest.

Think about it for a moment. If you’re sitting around in a waiting room or lobby, what is more likely to grab your attention: scrolling text on a screen, or an actual video? The answer is pretty obvious.

That’s not to say that you should go with strictly video content when deploying your digital signage playlist—other types of content are often necessary as well. But in order to draw your viewers’ attention enough to ensure they pay attention to text and image-based content sprinkled throughout your programming, video content is key.

Better Brand Cultivation

When trying to establish your brand’s presence, there’s really only so much that things like logos and static ads can do for you. Sure, you definitely need all these standard aspects of branding, but video content on digital signage presents you with the opportunity to do much more. Creating videos gives you much more control over the tone and style of your brand, enabling you to get the message across in a much more effective manner.

Videos Build Viewer Trust

Video is a powerful way to reach audiences because it connects on an emotional level, far more than any other type of content. This connection establishes a foothold with viewers while also presenting your brand in a way that feels more tangible. It gives life to your brand and messaging, building trust in the process.

Viewer Engagement

Viewer engagement circles back to the visual appeal aspect, but let’s dive a little deeper. The vast majority of people consume video content on their computers and smartphones every day, all throughout the day. It’s becoming the digital medium of choice for most—no surprise there. So why not carry that over to your signage content?

Utilizing video to convey your messaging means you are using the same proven methods undertaken by every major brand (and influencer) every day. Ultimately, you encourage better engagement, leading to more actionable responses and making a lasting impression on your audience.

Information is Easier to Consume

Let’s face it, our attention spans are shorter now than ever. There are probably more than a few reasons why this is, but part of it is likely due to the sheer amount of information and content we are all bombarded with daily, regardless of where we are. This means we need to make the most out of the content we put in front of our audiences.

Content comes in many forms, but video provides the most efficient way to convey information in an easily digestible format. You can make even the most uninteresting data and info seem lively and interesting when presented in a video. It’s also much more memorable than standard text or image content. The bottom line is, if you’re looking for the best way to make a memorable impression while conveying your messaging in an easy-to-understand way, nothing beats video.


This is an aspect that is surprisingly overlooked. With video, you’re not really limited to any one type of content you can display. Think about what this means for a moment; video enables you to display pretty much anything you want. From text and diagrams to animations and people, video really is the most wide-open medium that you can use in any way you see fit.

This inherent versatility can help you present your messaging in an impactful way and even utilize other types of content from different formats that you use elsewhere. The creativity goes as far as you can take it, from digital graphics to social media tickers, to text, images and live video. This could even all be displaying on a single display at the same time if you want.



Taking full advantage of your medium should go without saying, and in this case, that means leveraging the power of video content on your digital signage. If you don’t already have a network of digital screens to work with, you really should. It’s simple and relatively inexpensive to set one up. If you do, make sure you are primarily using video content to deliver your messages. That way, you’ll be getting more engagement from visitors and passersby.



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