Why Your Business Should Only Provide Impartial Digital Content

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In the age of “fake news,” authenticity is always a concern. That’s why it’s crucial that your chiropractic or other health care related practice presents only factual, unbiased information. Otherwise, you could lose your patients respect, and possibly their business altogether.

What’s Safe to Talk About These Days?

With controversy after controversy, it’s hard to know where the line should be drawn these days. Which is why it’s important to be extra, extra careful. For example, you don’t want to post or display something that unwittingly supports a channel, author, or page where other, more controversial content is being shown.

Vetting your sources is more important now than ever. So even your in-office or waiting room digital signage should be carefully screened. How do you do that? Well, you can painstakingly research each source one by one, or you can have GoChiroTV supply all of your content for you and ensure that every source is 100% legit, accurate, and unbiased. That way, there will be never be any risk involved in sharing or displaying content.

Shouldn’t You Be Proud to Support Your Causes Though?

You may well want to show your support for a certain political party. However, this will only polarize your clientele, potentially isolating you from the patrons you should be doing everything you can to maintain.

Consider the fact that once they are already in your waiting room for example, if they detect a leaning toward an ideology that they oppose, they may feel taken advantage of, duped, or even betrayed. They trusted your business to provide a service within a context that is supposed to be neutral.

As the provider, one might say that you have a duty to uphold that a level of neutrality so that all patients and their beliefs are respected equally. Worst case scenario, they get online and write a scathing review about how they had no idea your office had a certain political leaning until it was too late.

Now, in these transformational times, certain things will seem mandatory to support. You might even be afraid NOT to speak out. However, you don’t have cave in to the pressure and adopt a political stance unless you are in fact willing to risk losing clientele over it. There’s no reason to jump the gun and start broadcasting your business’ alignment on political or social issues when you don’t have to.

In short, resist the urge to speak out in a time of social and political revolution through your in-office content, such as your digital signage playlist. Under normal circumstances, it’s simply not a good move for your business.

What About Social Media Content?

Think of your social media as your primary public voice. Advertisements aside, this is where people go to hear from your business. Which is also why you have an obligation to remain unbiased with your social media accounts.

Posting frequently is a great idea. It’ll encourage followers and potential customers to engage with your pages. But you should make sure that every post is solid, meaning nothing can be twisted into another meaning. Misunderstandings are dangerous for businesses these days, so you have to be extra diligent.

In fact, you don’t even have to be the one posting to get in trouble with your customers. As far as they’re concerned, the content you interact with is a reflection of you. Be mindful of all of the ways you use social media or any part of your online presence as a business. This includes all of the biggest social media networks, as well as other media sites like YouTube or Pinterest.

Even more so, Yelp! and other review sites are a delicate balancing act. Be sure to address all comments and concerns, both negative and positive. This will demonstrate that you truly care about what the average person thinks about your services.

What Content SHOULD You Provide?

As for what to include, any information or content that isn’t controversial is okay to post, display, or otherwise deliver. As long as it can’t be misconstrued, it’s good to go.

Since you’re a health care provider, educational and informative is a must. And in order to help ease any anxiety or tension in the waiting, we offer our very own Power of Positive (P.O.P.) channel. This sends powerful, uplifting messages in a fun and engaging manner. Treatment starts in the waiting room with a playlist showing educational and P.O.P. content. It helps counteract some of the craziness of today’s world.

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At RidgeLogic Development, we create and deploy content that is never controversial and is properly sourced. All studies we reference can be traced back to a study from a reputable and unbiased source. Let us handle your digital signage content and stop worrying about how your content will come across to your patients.



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