How Digital Signage Enables You to Upsell, Cross-Sell, & More

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As you should already know, digital signage offers a huge variety of benefits. One of the most significant, though, is its ability to make upselling and cross-selling content far more alluring and effective.

This translates to larger cart sizes and more point of purchase buying decisions. Let’s take a quick look at upselling and cross-selling, and then how these techniques can be enhanced with digital signs.

Upselling vs. Cross-selling

Upselling involves influencing customers to spend more money through offering deals or promotions.

Consider the menu boards at a typical fast-food restaurant. How many times have you seen a deal that informs you of the ability to upsize to a larger size combo for just $1 more? Or, you’ve probably seen sales retail stores offer a free item or small gift card if you spend a certain amount (or more.) That’s upselling.

Cross-selling is the strategy of influencing a consumer who’s leading towards a certain product to also buy a related product. This means they end up buying more than one thing when they probably weren’t planning to.

For example, vendors can offer a discount on a related product if you buy it with another product. Or they link products by informing the customer that they’re more effective when used together, like a facial moisturizer with a cleanser from the same line. That’s cross-selling.

Using Digital Signage to Push Upselling and Cross-Selling

Inform Customers of Your Products

Not every customer that comes into your location is aware of all the products and services you provide, especially if you’re constantly adding new products or services.

Digital signage can be used to inform your customers of these options in bright, attention-grabbing fashion. Customers having more awareness of your offerings can go a long way, especially when your staff typically doesn’t have enough time to routinely discuss available products and services with each and every customer or appointment. Let the signage handle that for you.

Promote discount codes

Everyone loves discount codes. So why not display them on your digital signage?

QR codes are an easy way to get people to engage. You use them to link to a form that lets users input their email address and other details, giving you valuable data. That way, promos in the future will be more fruitful.

You can add codes into existing content playlists easily through your cloud-based CMS (content management system).

Promote on-the-fly buying decisions

Letting people know what you offer is half the fight. And letting them know at the right time can sometimes be the difference maker. When your customer is already prepared to make a purchase, enticing them with a deal that didn’t know about can be very effective.

And the digital signage does all the talking for you. Eye-catching, dynamic content makes promos ‘pop’. So placing signs at your point of purchase is definitely a wise move—and not only for retail. This marketing tactic applies across virtually every industry. Digital signs add a boost that can be very effective.

Promote revisits

Encouraging consistent or increased revisits to your location is a foundational revenue-boosting strategy. Promoting revisits is pretty straightforward—you simply give the customer reasons to keep returning.

If you’re a retailer, you could use the signage to remind customers to come back when a sale starts. Or let them know when seasonal products are going to hit shelves.

When used wisely, digital signage can do a lot to increase revisits—all you have to do is set up a good content playlist and watch it happen.

RidgeLogic works directly with top industry vendors to create assets

If you’re setting up your digital signage solution from scratch, don’t worry. By working with top industry vendors, Ridgelogic can provide the assets you need to create visually appealing and relevant digital signage that increases your revenue via upselling and cross-selling.

Contact us today and see how easy it is for your business to get up and running with highly effective digital signage content. With our help, digital signage creation and management will be simple.



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