How you can use digital signage to hit 100% of your target audience

Target on Mountain Top

Digital signage is an extremely versatile and useful tool for delivering messages. At a glance, passersby, waiting patients, or anyone else within sight of your digital signs can consume your messaging effortlessly. And they can’t even help it. The bright, eye-catching nature of digital screens forces their eyes to focus on them.

That’s when you’ll have a chance to present them with targeted, thoughtful content that maximizes their interaction. This effect is as close to 100% reliable as it gets.

Let’s take a closer look at how you can use digital signs to your advantage to reach your target audience.


What is a Target Audience?

As the name suggests, your target audience is the demographic or group of people that your content is intended for. Identifying your target audience is essential to effective marketing. Your target audience could be as broad as people who like pizza, or as specific as freshly graduated optometrists who live in Duluth, GA.

Finding the best way to reach your designated target audience is essential to delivering your marketing messages.

Take Advantage of Customers´or Patients´ Downtime

With a digital signage system in place, you´ll be able to get your messages across during times when your patients, clients, or customers are not busy. Optimize the opportunity to market to them with digital screens that play all the time, and garner attention virtually non-stop.

The easiest and best marketing technique there is for businesses of all sizes is to let automated digital content do the heavy lifting for you. Fill your digital signage playlists with compelling content that uses powerful calls to action to motivate viewers into considering your offerings, deals, and more.

Crafting Content is Simple

If you´re the do-it-yourself type, you can use online tools like GoYucu to make your own content from scratch. Or, you can use templates to make things easier.

No matter who your target audience is, you can curtail your content, start to finish, in a matter of minutes with easy-to-use tools.

Uploading and updating any of the content in your digital signage playlist is as easy as logging into your remote CMS (content management system) using any device with a browser. Then, you can set automatic changes based on things like the time of day or the season, add, edit, or remove individual slides or entire playlists, and much more.

Also, gaining insightful data from your digital signs is easy when you compare numbers to playlists and what effect they had.

Show Off Your Glowing Reviews

Adding social media posts from satisfied patients or customers is an easy yet effective way to strengthen your brand. Any rave reviews you have can be passed across your digital screens to encourage other patients or customers to try various services. ReviewWave integration makes this easy for anyone to do.

Not only that, your screens can be used as a tool to garner social media engagement. For example, you can notify people about discount opportunities for a certain amount of re-shares or likes on their post related to your business. Or use your digital signs to let people know about any reward opportunities for referrals.

You can even use QR codes to provide viewers with direct access to any page you want, right in your digital signage content.

Posting things from people who fall within your target audience will demonstrate that your services were helpful. Posts and reviews can serve as a testament that your services will work for them too.

Educational Content and Notices

For chiropractors and clinics, digital signage can be used to prime patients with important terms and information. That way, they´ll require less explaining and will potentially consume less of their doctor´s time per visit.

Your digital screens can also broadcast info about events, fundraisers and local news. This will demonstrate that you´re an active member of your community who cares about its well-being.

Third-Party Ads

Support local businesses while gaining an extra revenue stream by using your digital signage to display advertisements for other businesses. Whether you have a partnership with another business to do the same for you, or you are receiving payments to run their ads, digital signs are a wise investment.

Don´t forget to market related services, whether they be products that supplement your treatment or something else. That way, you´ll be helping your clients find what they need while strengthening your bond with another local business.


All of the above can be combined in one digital signage playlist to ensure you´re covering all of the demographics that make up your target audience, and that you´re connecting with them. With content slides that change from one to another, your viewers are bound to see something that makes an impact or resonates with them in a significant way.

Let GoChiroTV or GoWellnessTV provide you with an effective way to deliver key messages. You can do all the above and much more, even as a total beginner, thanks to our intuitive, easy to use system.

Get in touch with us today and find out more about how digital signage can enhance your clinic, office, franchises, medical groups & affiliations, or place of business.



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