How to Improve the Patient Experience with Digital Signage

Man sitting waiting

Digital signage has a wide range of use cases and benefits for all kinds of clinics. But one of the most important is for improving the patient experience.

These days, people expect easy access to helpful information. They also expect faster service and don’t want to waste any time.

That’s why digital signage for clinics and wellness-care spaces is essential.

In this article, we’ll go over the top ways you can use digital signage at your clinic to enhance the patient experience.

Reduce Perceived Wait Times

Since reasonable wait times are paramount to patient satisfaction, distracting patients from their downtime is a must. Digital screens provide entertainment that captures the attention of waiting patients and takes the edge off.

Don’t forget to add content from your social media channels too. Add posts from Instagram or Facebook, and incentive engagement to get patients to follow you and interact.

Educate Patients

Since patients have plenty of downtime in your waiting area, why not take advantage and provide some basic information about common ailments, treatments, recovery, and anything else that might be useful to them.

The more informed patients are going in to see the doctor, the less they’ll need explained to them on the spot. Every bit of time conserved increases patient flow and reduces wait times.

Educational content could be in the form of text, infographics, videos, and all the above. But it’s better to keep playlists light on text and heavy on video.

Few people want to read through long blocks of technical text these days. That’s why making your content more digestible is key to delivering your messages effectively.

Adding QR codes to your digital signage will make things faster and easier for patients who want to know more. You can also use them to help patients have access to things like pamphlets, waiting area Wi-Fi, or pretty much anything else they can access from their device.

Use Digital Signage Best Practices

With any of your digital screens, be sure to use best practices for digital signage and make the most of the opportunity to reach your audience. Let’s break this down.

Use CTAs

CTA stands for calls to action. This means telling the viewer what they ought to do instead of merely insinuating it. Use imperative statements that have more influence. For example, Ask your doctor today instead of If you want to know more you can ask a physician.

Make text as legible as possible

One of the best ways to make sure your content is easily legible is to use contrasting colors for your text. And be sure the font type and size are appropriate. People shouldn’t have to squint to read your content.

Use branded content

This could be as simple as adding a logo to each slide in your playlist. But it would be even better if you choose a color scheme that matches your brand to accompany that.

Use the 60-30-10 color rule and add in a neutral color (black, white, or gray) if your brand only features two. Any way that you can enforce your brand with your digital signage while offering value in some way is a good idea.

Keep it concise

Although your signs are primarily going to be seen by people who are waiting and have time to kill, you still need to deliver your content in a way that keeps their attention.

Long paragraphs will go ignored. So, if you want people to actually read your messaging, keep it short and sweet.

Video is king

As mentioned above, videos will be far more effective at keeping people’s attention. Attention spans these days are as fickle as they’ve ever been. So, it’s your job to make your content less boring and more engaging if you expect anyone to actually consume it.


Digital signage is another inevitable part of digital transformation that frankly, clinics and doctor’s offices can’t afford to ignore any longer. By this point, the benefits are too numerous and too great.

So, adopt the use cases above for your clinic and provide a better experience for all your patients.



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