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Use AI Art & Automated Content Tools to Create Your Content

AI art is a fascinating new trend that you can access on your own and start using for free. Some of the works of art are stunningly well made. It’s hard to believe they were created using AI. One AI art piece sold for as much as $430,000.

There are a variety of other powerful, time-saving new tools for creating visual content that are gaining popularity as well. These allow users to craft their own professional grade content in minutes.

In this article, we’ll take a look at AI art and the advancements made in the digital content creation space. You might even find some tools worth using for yourself.


How AI Art Works

AI generators don’t actually create the artwork as a work of inspiration like an artist would. They function by way of machine learning. AI generators use a method called “generation synthesis”, which utilizes a set of defined parameters.

The algorithms that AI art generators use collect a wide range of information from artwork that was created by humans. They analyze the compositions, color range, and artistic styles to create their own original works of art.

Some AI art generators can even create photorealistic images—AI generated photographs from a non-existent camera. Some of the results can be pretty impressive, while others, not so much.

While these AI generators are impressive, they are far from perfect. In fact, it’s fairly easy to confuse them by adding some sort of an abstract idea into your description. You must keep it relatively simple and keep in mind that these machines aren’t able to truly understand what you’re saying. They just use their database of information and images to create a visual representation of what their process has determined will match what you’ve requested.


AI Art Criticism

Understandably, many professional artists who create art by hand aren’t happy about the rise of AI art, some of which actually won art contests against human artists.

There are even some artists filing law suits against AI generator companies claiming copyright infringement.

Regardless of this, you can still use AI generators yourself, and there are a lot out there to choose from.


How to Create AI Art Yourself

Using an AI generator is very easy. One of the most popular options, StarryAI, allows you to describe what you want the result to look like using a simple phrase. For example, you can type “old woman and her cats” and after processing for a while, the software will show you an original creation based on your phrase.

Some other sites, such as NightCafe, have functions that require you to upload images which they transform into works of art.

These tools can be very useful for people who need original pieces of art for use on things like album covers, or even as images for their blog or social media channels. They require very little input and most sites offers several free trial credits.


What Other AI Content Tools Are There?

These days, virtually any app that allows you to capture or publish content includes smart editing tools that make it much easier to create great, high quality content.

There are even browser-based photo and video editing software, like Pixlr and Adobe Spark.

For content creation, you have the ever useful GoYucu where you can use a wide range of templates and take the fast track to crafting content.

These sites obviously still require a lot of user input, but with templates, effect controls, and pre-made animations, it’s super fast and easy to craft all types of content for posting on social media or other purposes.

How Do You Use GoYucu to Create Content?

GoYucu is a user-friendly online software that is full of templates to choose from. You can simply choose an appropriate template for your purpose (eg. Instagram story), then add in your own text, and you’re ready to post. You can add in your own media if you choose, or rely on professionally made templates to provide everything other than the wording.



AI is advancing incredibly quickly. It’s fascinating to see how far the technology has come in such a short time. And if you haven’t already played with it, you should try it out for yourself. You might even be able to generate some useful images to use for your business.

And with online smart tools for content creation, it’s easier now than ever to create content of all kinds. Take advantage of these tools to create and share valuable content that keeps your audiences engaged and tuned in.



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