Content Scheduling Feature

Screenshot of scheduling feature

Promote Time-Sensitive Content using the Scheduling Feature

Whether you have an upcoming Lunch and Learn or are trying to drum up donations for a toy drive, GoWellnessTV is an excellent system for keeping your patients updated about events and classes in your practice.


Start by creating your content in the Canvas tab of your device portal, in GoYucu, or using any other photo or video-editing software. 

Screenshot of a Lunch and Learn slide being created in GoYucu

If you have predesigned media content, upload it by visiting the “Media” tab, and clicking the Upload button in the top-right corner.

Screenshot of a user uploading a video to the media tab of the portal

Go to the Channels tab, select your active Channel, and add it to your loop using the “Add Content” button.

Screenshot of adding video to a channel

On the right-hand side of your content item, click the scheduling block that says “Everyday.” In the new pop-up window, you can adjust the scheduling to run your promotion on certain days of the week, or select a start and end date by clicking the “Specific Date Only” tab at the top. Your content will now automatically stop running on the end-date you have selected.

Screenshot of scheduling feature

Finally, save and apply your changes to the Channel by clicking “Publish” when you’re done.



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