Countdown for Special Events

Countdown Timer Example

Countdown to a Special Event Using the Countdown Timer

The big event of the year is coming up! You may want to constantly remind patients and staff about how close the event is, or simply keep it top of mind.

You can easily create a live countdown timer to add to your device.

First, go to the Apps tab in your device portal. Then find the app called “Count Down Timer.” Click on it, and then click the “Get” button.

Screenshot of the countdown timer

You will be brought into a new instance of the app. Start by naming it in the top-left corner of the screen. Then, enter a title which will display on the screen. Edit the date and time of the event, and then add a completion message with an icon. Hit “Save & Close” to apply your changes.

Screenshot of a countdown timer app instance

Next, add it to your loop by going to the Channels tab, and selecting whichever channel is set to your screen. Once you are in the channel, you can add the content by clicking the “Add Content” button. In the new Media Picker window, click the Apps tab, and then select the “Count Down Timer” app and then the app instance you just created. Then click “Add” to confirm your selection.

Screenshot of a user adding the countdown timer to a channel

Finally, save and apply your changes by clicking the “Publish”  button at the top-right corner of the screen.



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