Employee Appreciation

Employee of the Month

Show some Employee Appreciation


Your employees are the legs your business stands on- why not show your appreciation for them on your GoWellnessTV?

Using our internal Canvas editor you can create Staff bios, employee of the month, or highlight company happenings. 

Simply go to the Canvas tab, and select a template of your choosing. If you would like to create a template for the sidebar, you can find pre-formatted designs under My Templates > Shared by Others.

A screenshot of the Canvas template gallery

Next, you can add a photo of an employee, and a short blurb about all of the hard work they have done. You can adjust the colors, fonts, and imagery before naming and saving your new canvas.

A screenshot of a working canvas in the Canvas tab

To add it to your loop, go to Channels and select whichever channel is currently set to your device. Then in the new screen, click the Add Content button. In the new media picker window, go to the Canvas tab, and select your Canvas.

Screenshot of a user adding the Employee of the Month canvas to the channel

Don’t forget to save and apply your changes to the Channel by clicking “Publish” when you’re done.



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