Enhance Workplace Culture with Employee Contribution

Screenshot of Engage App

Enhance Workplace Culture with Employee Contribution

Create a family atmosphere by allowing your employees to contribute to your GoWellnessTV. With the Engage App, your employees can share photos and captions directly to your digital screen from their phones. 


First, download the app to your smartphone, and set up an account on it by registering for a new username in the app.

For Android download it from the Google Play Store.

For iPhone download from the Apple Store.

Screenshot of a user downloading the Engage App on the Google Play store

Then, create a new photo Stream, and share a photo to it.

Screenshot of Engage App with a user creating a Stream

Next, log into the Ridgelogic interface, navigate to the Apps tab, and search for the Engage App. Open up the app and click “Get,” then sign in using your new login information that you created in the app.

You will be brought into a new instance of the app where you can choose the stream you wish to feature on your screen and click “pair” to link your stream to the app. Once you have successfully paired the stream, click Save.

A screenshot of a user setting up an app instance for Engage

Add the app to your screen by going to Channels, selecting your active channel, and then adding it to your loop by clicking on the “Add Content” button, and selecting the engage app from the Apps tab of the Media Picker window. Click “Publish” to apply your changes and send them to your device.

Adding the Engage App to the user's channelYou can invite users at any time by clicking on the stream icon for your Engage app. You can find this icon in the lower left-hand corner of the app. From here, you can view and edit all of your streams. Click Invite others and you’ll be prompted to start sending invite emails to your teammates. Type a valid email address into the form and click the “+” icon to invite your teammate.

Screenshot of inviting users to the Stream



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