How to use Greatest Hits Content

Greatest Hits Folder Example

Highlighting Services using Greatest Hits

You may have a product or service in your practice that you want to emphasize to your visitors. Maybe it’s your specialty. Maybe you just want to see MORE of a certain topic. 

Whatever the cause, GoWellnessTV’s Greatest Hits are intended to supplement your automatically updating content.  

Start by going to your Channels tab, and then selecting whichever channel is currently running on your screen.

Image showing the channels tab

Next, click the “Add Content” button at the top of the screen. In the new Media Picker window, go to the Media tab, and click the “Shared by Others” folder. Once in the folder, select any content you would like to add to your loop, then confirm your selection by clicking the “Add” button.

Screenshot of a user selecting various orthotics slides

Drag-and-drop the new content items so they are dispersed throughout your loop. Then, save and apply your changes by clicking the “Publish” button.

Please note: While the rest of your content is swapped out on a regular basis, the Greatest Hits content will stay the same until you decide to remove it from your Channel.



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