Spotlight Content Using the Full Screen Feature

Screenshot of a channel with the Play in Full Screen toggle selected

Spotlight Content Using the Full Screen Feature

You may want to occasionally spotlight a piece of content and make sure it gets as many eyes as possible while your visitors are in your office. Perhaps you have an important announcement to make, or a special offer of yours is about to expire.

GoWellnessTV allows you to highlight specific content items by making them go full-screen, even if your Channel is normally set up to run multiple zones.

Start by visiting your Channels tab, and selecting whichever channel is active on your device.

Image showing the channels tab

Next, find the content item you would like to highlight. On the right-hand side of your content item, click the scheduling block; if you haven’t added scheduling to the content item, it will say “Everyday: All Day” by default.

Screenshot showing a playlist with Everyday All Day centered

In the new scheduling window, toggle “Play in Full Screen” on. This will make only this content visible, and will hide the other zones when it is scheduled to play.

Screenshot of the Play in Full Screen toggle

As always, save and apply your changes to the Channel by clicking “Publish” when you’re done.




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