Switch Up Your Colors by Choosing Different Channel Themes

A screenshot of GoWellnessTV content with a new color theme

The “Channel Themes” option allows you to change the default colors for App content on your screen. Maybe you want to switch things up according to the season, or choose a color theme that matches your vibe.

Start by going to the Channels tab, and selecting whichever channel is currently running on your device.

Image showing the channels tab

On the right-hand side of the screen, select the Settings tab.

The “Channel Theme” toggle should already be active. Hover over the active theme and select the “Change Theme” button.

A screenshot of the channel theme panel with the toggle switch activated

From here, you can choose from the list of available themes. The new channel theme will appear in select Apps including but not limited to the Weather, Date, Clock, Countdown Timer and RSS Feed.

A screenshot of the channel theme window where a user can choose a color scheme



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