Use a Custom RSS Feed

Screenshot of an RSS Feed app instance

Use a Custom RSS Feed

If you have an RSS Feed of your own, or a service you would like to tie into your signage, you can use the “RSS Feed” app to create a custom ticker of your own. RSS Feeds are especially helpful for displaying information on your device that updates automatically from an external source such as a news feed.

Start by going to the Apps tab. Find the “RSS Feed” app, click on it, and click “Get.” You will be taken directly into a new instance of the app.

Screenshot of the RSS Feed App

Now, name the instance, and then copy-paste your RSS Feed URL into the related field at the top. Adjust the options to your liking.

Screenshot of an RSS Feed app instance

Now go to the Channels tab and select your active channel. Click “Add Content,” and in the new Media Picker window, select the Apps tab, and find your new instance of the RSS Feed app.

Image showing the channels tab

Confirm your selection, and then click “Publish” to save and apply your changes.



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