Showcase customer feedback with Google Reviews

A screenshot of a positive Google Review

Showcase customer feedback with Google Reviews

Your current customers are your biggest fans! Showcase their enthusiasm by highlighting their positive feedback.

Using the Google Reviews app, you can display positive customer reviews of your business, and even filter out low star ratings.

First, go to the Apps tab, and search for the Google Reviews app in the Search Apps bar at the top of the page. Click on the Google Reviews icon, and in the new window, click “Get.”

Screenshot of the Google Reviews App

You will be brought directly into creating a new instance of the app. First, name the instance in the top-left corner. Then search for your business in Google-powered search bar. Then select the rating filter. Click “Save & Close” to save your changes.

Screenshot of a Google Review app instance with its options

Next, add the Google Reviews instance to your channel. Visit the Channels tab, select your active channel, and then click “Add Content.” In the Media Picker window, select the Apps tab, click the Google Reviews app, and then click your new app instance, then click “Add.”

Adding the Google Reviews app to a Channel

Finally, save and apply your changes by clicking the “Publish” button.



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