Start Conversations with the Easiest to Implement Digital Signage Solution

GoWellnessTV is not a placeholder in your waiting room. It’s the waiting room signage solution that helps wellness practices market to their patients and thrive with targeted, relevant content that leaves a lasting impression.

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What Does Your Waiting Room Experience Say About Your Business?

As a wellness practice owner, your reputation relies on the trust and confidence your clients have in you – and every part of their experience should reflect that.

Your digital signage is an opportunity to open conversations about your practice, wellness education, and your affiliate products and services – leading to more sales and more satisfied clients.

Yet instead, so many practices still invest in:

✘ Stacks of leaflets that are outdated the second they go to print

✘ TV channels filled with random shows and irrelevant ads

✘ Digital signage solutions with generic content on repeat and no control over the ads your visitors see

GoWellnessTV: for even the busiest practice owners to take full control over their waiting room ads and easily customize practice-specific content.

Superior Customer Support

Our team is on hand to help you get the most from your digital signage: tech support, content recommendations, and tips to engage your patients.

Easy Setup

Select pre-scheduled playlists, or add personalized content in the GoWellnessTV portal to download automatically to your plug-in TV device.

Trusted Content from Brands You Already Sell

Professionally showcase products and services to your patients. We partner with leading wellness brands to create specialized ads for your TVs.

We're getting great results with it. It’s certainly paid for itself many times over!

RidgeLogic Development

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Easily make marketing an integral part of growing your wellness practice.

RidgeLogic Development is committed to providing the best range of technology solutions for practice owners to confidently market their businesses, including our flagship product GoWellnessTV, and content designer, GoYucu.

With a focus on exceptional customer service, our team works closely with every customer to get maximum marketing power from your digital signage.

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