GoWellnessTV App List

Custom Content Creation

Canvas app makes it easier than ever to create great-looking screen content like posters and digital menu boards. Choose from our templates, or create your own, and design digital signage content that is always on-brand.

After connecting your Ridgelogic device to your screen, you can quickly create digital menu boards right from your browser. Add items, descriptions, images, categories, calories and prices – your changes will appear on your screen in seconds.

Google Slides makes it easy to build presentations online. Publish your slides then copy the URL into Studio. The slide duration is then automatically calculated based on the app duration. Making it easier than ever to share important information to your screens using a simple Google Slides format.

Choose from thousands of media assets and templates to design personalized content. 

  • Create animated content to load right into GoWellnessTV
  • Choose from 1000s of social media templates
  • Design print assets like labels and business cards

Noticeboard 2.0 allows you to create a digital notice for any screen. Use custom backgrounds, fonts and text layouts, to create a simple notice sign that you can share on one, or multiple, screens. Please note, for further customization abilities see the Canvas app.

Playgrounds app opens up a world of possibilities to our users who wish to stretch the boundaries of their digital signage. Playgrounds enables users to quickly build their own applications within your interface, without worrying about hosting or setup. Simply grab some HTML, CSS and JavaScript, paste it into our code editor, then watch it run on your digital screens.

Display your own custom graphics, images, text, and visuals to showcase with PosterMyWall app. Using an embed code from PosterMyWall you can share your posters to one, or many, digital signage screens. Please note, you will need a PosterMyWall account to use this app.

Need to share customer testimonials or employee quotes on your digital signage screens? Automate the process of sharing quotes using the Quotes app. Set up your Google Spreadsheet and add image links, names, job titles and quotes. This information will automatically be transferred into a digital screen display, showcasing the customer or employee quote. Helping your team to always be in tune with essential customer feedback.

Live Feeds

A simple and clean clock that displays current time, date and day of the week. You can choose from dark and light themes and multiple clock styles.

Use the currencies app to share a live feed of currency information and exchange rates to your digital signage screens. Choose from over 100 different currencies and syndicate the live exchange information for everyone to view, while they work or pass by.

Share the date in your offices or workforce areas and custom brand how the display looks and feels using your own brand theme.

Easily keep track of what’s being said online by setting up Google Alerts for your keywords, company name or anything else, and having the results sent straight to your screens. Alerts update automatically and populate in a screen-ready format, so you never miss a mention.

Share the latest Google traffic information in real time from a specific location to your digital screens. Help employees, visitors and customers see current traffic conditions and congestion or accidents in your area with live updates.

Monitor any keyword and see how it’s performing in Google Trends, then send that data in a screen-ready display to your digital signage. This makes it easy for you to stay on top of competitors, your brand and what’s trending online. Share the data to screens in your workplace, back office or anywhere your team needs to monitor what’s being spoken about online.

Share a live news feed on the digital signage screens around your office or workplace. Select the Live News app inside your interface and you’ll be able to show a live feed of video news from popular news channels such as SkyNews, NASA and Al Jazeera, as well as sources from the France and Korea.

Start sharing your live streams to any of your digital screens in minutes. Simply use an existing screen sharing service, like Zoom or OBS, to set up streaming keys, then manage your broadcasts and audience access in your interface. Now you can connect securely with your employees – wherever they’re working.

Use the News app to display written news headlines and images onto your digital signage screens. Choose from popular news sources such as CNN, BBC, Yahoo, Fox, Google, ESPN and more. Change the look and feel and even customize the news display to your brand colors.

With our RSS Feed app, you can show the latest updates, news and information from any RSS feed; be it from the New York Times, NASA, or even your own blog or website content. Add your RSS feed by URL, choose your feed settings and your screens will show the newest content.

Pick your favorite soccer leagues from around the world and share scores to your TV screens as part of any Channel or Playlist. Choose from over 25 leagues from five different continents including popular leagues such as the Premier League, UEFA Champions League and United States MLS scores.

Need to showcase the timings of important sporting matches in your venue, bar or restaurant? The Sports Live Scores app is the easiest way to create a visual display of upcoming matches and live sports scores. Choose your favorite sport games, including NBA, MLB, football and more and you’ll get a screen-ready display of the next game time, or the current score, updated in near-real time.

Display a live feed of worldwide stock prices, cryptocurrencies, indices and FX data powered by Twelve Data. Easily choose which financial data to show from a variety of sources then chose to display one or many data sets on your digital screens. Custom-brand your display and receive live updates on stock prices. Perfect for your trading floor, workplace, transport center or bar.

The Transport app is a convenient solution to keep people up to speed with catching their next ride. Display multiple transit schedules for trains, buses, trams, ferries, and more in your local area. Simply enter your location and select the transport feeds you’d like to show. The app will update in consideration of service disruptions for any cities that support real-time updates.

The Weather app allows you to display accurate weather forecasts for up to three cities in one screen display. Choose your location(s), select from Fahrenheit or Celsius and custom-brand your display to share on screen. The Weather app can be added to any Playlist or Channel, in portrait or landscape format and can be used as a tickertape as part of a zoned screen display. The weather forecast updates automatically, helping everyone to instantly see the weather in their location.

Need to know what time it is in a different time zone? World Clock lets you display the live time of up to six different cities, across time zones. Select your cities, choose how your display looks and you can keep on top of different times around the world easily from your digital screens.

Enter a YouTube livestream or playlist URL to display a Youtube Live Stream to your digital signage screens. Schedule the livestream as part of your regular content schedule.

Content & Files

Easily connect your Dropbox account to your interface, then choose which image folders to show. Choose the timing of the image galleries, then customize your background and the transitions between images. When new images are added to your Dropbox folder, those images will automatically be sent to your digital screens. Providing an easy way for you to share images to shared screens without manual uploads.

Embed app allows you to take embed code from webpages and channels such as YouTube to share direct to your digital screens. Allowing you to create customizable webpages or video playlists for your digital signage audience.

Not all employees have access to Microsoft Teams meaning a large proportion of your workforce are missing out on important information. With our Microsoft Teams app, and the Post To Screens extension in your Microsoft Teams account, you are now able publish the messages you send in Microsoft Teams directly onto the screens in seconds. Ensuring all important messages are seen by workers right when they need it, with zero effort and with zero design team needed.

Choose folders of images and videos from your OneDrive account to show on your screens. When you update your OneDrive folder, the new media will be automatically added to your digital screen. This makes it easy to connect images and videos to your screen displays, without having to manually populate content.

The Page Scroll app lets you share a page from your website to your digital screens. With automatic scrolling (you set the speed) users can view all of your page’s information in a screen-ready format. Please note, due to security reasons this app only supports websites that are SSL-enabled (https rather than http). See the app guide for details of how to set the dimensions of your page for optimal display.

Business Intelligence

Need an easy solution to turn your GeckoBoard dashboards into rich digital signage displays? The GeckoBoard app lets you automatically send updated and live data to the screens around you, so your team can make more informed decisions. Create screen-ready dashboards in just a few clicks and share them as part of your scheduled content channels.

Share any public Google Sheets spreadsheet to your digital screens. Easily copy the embed code and add to the Google Sheets app and your spreadsheet will appear on screen in a display-ready format. Helping you to share key data and information with all of your teams, wherever they work.

Keep everyone on top of your data, trends and insights by sharing important Excel spreadsheets to your digital signage screens. This app makes it easy to share any Excel sheet, within a set cell range, specific tab, or section, and present it on your digital screens.

The Microsoft Power BI app makes it simply to visualize you Microsoft Power BI dashboards on screen. Our integration makes it simple to login to your Microsoft Power BI account and have all your Power BI dashboards available.

Easily visualize your Zendesk Reporting data as a dashboard, such as your Tickets by Channel and Top Agents figures. Uses OAuth and the Zendesk API to securely connect your screens with your Zendesk data. Helping to lift important customer success metrics from Zendesk, and onto the screens where everyone can see them.

Social Displays

Promote your Facebook page through your digital screens. Page Likes for Facebook lets you show a like counter, short URL, and QR code. Helping to encourage more customers or passersby to connect with your Facebook page.

Showcase the latest recommendations left by your customers from your Facebook business page to your digital signage screens. Choose to only show ratings that have “does recommend” to easily filter out negative reviews and share them in a visually attractive display made for digital signage screens.

Easily share your company’s Facebook page posts to one, or many, digital screens. Log in to your Facebook account and select the business page you’d like to show. Choose whether you’d like to add a QR code to encourage more viewers to follow your page. Once connected, your screen will display the latest updates posted on Facebook.

Follow Us is a simple social media display app that lets you add your social handles and contact details to your digital signage screens. Share details of popular social media accounts such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more by handle, QR codes or URL so more customers and visitors know where to find you online. Helping you to easily increase your following and bring more awareness to your social channels in your store or restaurant.

Displaying Google Reviews in your customer-facing screens, or to your employees, helps to showcase the ways your business is helping customers. Filter reviews by ratings and share them easily to your digital signage screens. Keeping everyone motivated to provide top customer service.

With Gallery for Instagram you can create a live scrolling wall of the content posted to your Instagram. Share images and videos, choose from a single or multi-card layout and gain more traction for your social account. Content updates automatically and once it reaches the end of the stream, seamlessly starts from the top.

Use the Instagram Business App to easily showcase the latest images and posts on your digital screens. Boost engagement with customers and teams by showing photos and posts from company events, social gatherings, and more, directly from your Instagram business page.

Strea.ma app is the easiest way to set up your own social media wall using screens. Whether you want to monitor your social media channels while working or share user-generated content at your live event, Strea.ma can do it all. Set up feeds from your favorite social channels and take complete control of what gets shown on your stream’s content with manual pre-approval mode, blacklists, gray lists, and user blocking.

Taggbox is a powerful tool that lets you collect, curate, moderate and effectively display your brand or event’s social media. Use hashtags, mentions of your brand, page URLs or social media tags to select which content to show. Taggbox integrates with 15+ social media platforms in conjunction with Ridgelogic for an effective digital signage display. Please note: Taggbox Display is a paid-for third party app integration; to use it with Ridgelogic, you must first create an account at taggbox.com.

The TripAdvisor app lets you syndicate customer reviews from your TripAdvisor page directly to your external facing digital signage screens. Help employees see what customers are saying about your brand and provide social proof to visiting and future customers.

The Vimeo app is the easiest way to share videos from Vimeo on the screens around you. Choose from album, group, channels, user page or individual videos in Vimeo and easily connect them to your screens.

Use the Walls.io App to display digital signage social media wall from sources such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. With the ability to customize, style and brand your wall, you can now embed a virtual social wall of events, updates and posts to the screens in your store, office or external-facing screens. Please note: Walls.io is a paid-for third party app integration; to use it with Ridgelogic, you must first create an account at Walls.io. 

A quick and easy way to show your Yelp page on your digital signage screens. Add your Yelp URL, choose a rating and your customer reviews will appear on your displays in a screen-ready format. Easily add as part of your Channels or Playlists and new reviews will automatically be added to your screen feeds.

Share videos from YouTube to your digital signage screens. With the YouTube app it’s never been easier to add videos to your Channels and Playlists easily. Share your brand content or entertainment, direct to your screens.

External Communication

This app allows you to list all the rooms or offices in a building, group them by floors, add logos and update everything on the fly, so that your visitors are always pointed in the right direction.

Digital Signs app lets you easily set digital notices for your signage screens. Choose from three categories including inspirational quotes, educational quotes and bible verses. These ready-made messages with matching imagery make an ideal addition to your content schedule, with no extra work required.

Flight Schedules app lists live arrivals and departures for any airport you choose across your digital signage screens.

Internal Communication

Ask your audience any question presented as a simple QR code, linked to any feedback form or email address of your choice. A quick and efficient way to connect with your deskless employees across your organization.

Use digital signage to amplify the reach of employee recognition to everyone within the workplace. Simply post praise within Awardco and experience a seamless onscreen experience, promoting a positive work environment and encouraging employee engagement. Email joe.rice@screencloud.io for more information.

The Bonusly app makes it simple to display public praise, employee recognition, and fun rewards to build company culture. Anything you create in Bonusly is syndicated automatically to your digital signage screens.

Easily create a live countdown timer up on your screens, set what message you want to show during the countdown and the message that will only appear after the countdown timer is up. Choose from two main styles, brand theme and your success message which will only show when the countdown timer is up.

Count Up Timer app is a digital stopwatch for your screens. Enter the date of your last accident, incident or event and it will continue to count and display how many days have passed. If an event occurs, you can easily reset the date and it will start again. Customize the display with a title, style of clock and brand theme.

In conjunction with other warning systems such as text messages and email, you can also use the Emergency Alerts app to broadcast information and instructions via your screens. With emergency alerts, your screens become another part of your multi-channel alert output, helping ensure critical information gets to those impacted – quickly.

Surface more voices from within your organization. Employees can download the Engage app for free from the iOS or Android stores and use it to share Instagram-style photos to their team, without having to trade personal social media accounts. Then use the matching digital signage Engage app from the Ridgelogic App store to easily display all submissions on your digital signage, encouraging even more of the team to participate. Get diverse screen content, from all areas of the organization.

The Calendar for Google app makes it easy to share events logged to your Google calendar on your digital signage screens. Share any calendar connected to your Google account, choose your selected view and keep everyone connected to upcoming events or meetings.

Showcase employee information including name, profile photo and interest points for all of your key employees. This helps teams to build familiarity, even while working remotely, and showcases new joiners to the entire organization. Meet the Team allows you to manage all of the details via a regular Google Sheet, for ease of updates.

No more meeting room headaches. Simple meeting room scheduling software makes it easy to book rooms and event spaces using any screen, iPad, or Android tablet. Display whether rooms are booked, or occupied, on the digital screens or tablets outside your meeting room, and show the next free slot. Helping to reduce meeting room confusion to ensure everyone can book, and see, availability for meeting rooms at all times.

Not all employees have access to Microsoft Teams meaning a large proportion of your workforce are missing out on important information. With our Microsoft Teams app, and the Post To Screens extension in your Microsoft Teams account, you are now able publish the messages you send in Microsoft Teams directly onto the screens in seconds. Ensuring all important messages are seen by workers right when they need it, with zero effort and with zero design team needed.

Viva Engage app is a powerful digital signage solution that enables organizations to improve employee communication and engagement, boost productivity, and enhance the overall workplace experience. By taking content from Viva Engage posts and generating a visual experience appropriate for a digital signage experience, organizations can create a more dynamic and engaging workplace environment that keeps employees informed and engaged.

Easily take the events from your Outlook calendar and share them to your digital signage screens. Upcoming events can be organized by day, week, month or upcoming and any new events added to your calendar will automatically update on screen.

Slack is the communication platform for entire companies, bringing together messaging, file sharing, alerting and all sorts of other comms. The app lets you pick channels you want to amplify and show them on-screen easily.

Stream news from your Staffbase platform onto company screens and amplify your internal messages for all employees. Showcase articles, media, and update channels from your Staffbase platform and customize the on-screen presentation for each. Install the app and connect your news channels seamlessly using an API token to get started.

Never miss an employee achievement with Team News app. Simply upload a CSV containing dates, names and locations using our easy uploader and have the upcoming events automatically designed to celebrate with your workforce. Filter your data by location to ensure only the relevant content is displayed in the correct location. Please note: this app requires an onboarding process to configure correctly for use.

Make your online workplace in Yammer more visible by easily sharing your organization’s social network to your digital signage screens. Choose from sharing the latest message or your group chat and automate the appearance of messages on screen where everyone can see them.

Make your meeting room experience better using Zoom Rooms on your Ridgelogic Device. Now you can easily share content on your meeting room screens, any time you’re not using them for video calls. By adding Ridgelogic’s digital signage content management system to your Zoom Rooms account, you can preset content that will play between meetings. Forget blank meeting room screens, or complicated cable systems to switch between regular content and video calls. With Zoom Rooms, your content automatically plays any time your screen isn’t being used for a meeting.

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