Get started with your Ridgelogic portal

Log into the Ridgelogic Portal with the new user you should have already created and follow along with the video or with directions below.

If you have not yet created a user account, log into your email, and search for the “You have been invited to the RidgeLogic Portal” email.

Click “Join Your Team,” and follow the prompts to set up your account.


Once you are logged in, and you have followed the steps to set up your RidgeLogic device on your TV, you are now ready to add it to your screens!

Start by clicking “New Screen” at the top-right-hand corner of the interface and enter the six-character pairing code that is displayed on your tv to pair your screen.

Three Zones Traditional Channel
Channel Content Screenshot


Once your screen is added, you are ready to send content to it. Go to Channels, hover over “Three Zones – Traditional” click the “Set to Screen” button, select your new screen and click ‘confirm”

Next, click the channel to edit the content inside.

Here, you can preview your content, or pick and select which content you are playing as part of your service. The Main Zone will show up immediately. You can select other zones from the screen diagram on the right-hand side, or you can select it from the dropdown menu on the top left.

By default, the channel is populated with content based on your sign-up survey. Your automatically-updating content is stored in a series of automatically-updating “playlists” which you can add to or remove from your channel.

To add content, click “Add Content,” and then choose your favorite content items from the Playlist tab. You can also upload your own content in the “Media” tab. To add app instances you have set up, go to the App tab.

Once you have selected your new content, click the “Add” button to confirm your selection.

You can rearrange the playlist by clicking and dragging the items. To schedule specific times for individual items, click the scheduling area on the right-hand side of the playlist. 

To finalize your changes, click the “Publish” button. This will send your new content to your RidgeLogic device.


Your media library is located in the “Media” tab on the left-hand side of the device. You can upload your own images and videos here by clicking the blue “Upload” button.

We have also shared a selection of our Greatest Hits under the “Shared by Others” folder in you account. Feel free to pick and choose your favorite videos and add them to your channel at any time. These individual content items have previously run on our network and they will not update or change once added to your channel.


If you want to quickly and easily create some content on your own, you can visit the Canvas tab and either select a template to edit, or create a new canvas.

Your account is pre-loaded with templates for running messages on the bottom zone of your screen, as well as staff bios for the left zone. To view these templates, go to My Templates and click the “Shared by Others” button.

Your saved canvases will appear in the “Canvas” tab of the Add Content window when you are editing your channel.


You have a wide array of apps at your disposal to display live content on your device from Google and Yelp Reviews, to Weather, to live Sports Scores and Social Media.

Before you can create an app instance to add to your channel, you must first install the app. To install an app, select it from the search and in the new window, click “Get.”

You will then be taken into an instance of the app where you can tweak the settings before saving it. Saved app instances will appear under the “Apps” tab when you are adding content to your channel.