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All about Links

These articles will go through an overview of adding links and websites onto your Ridgelogic device.

In the left-hand sidebar, you’ll see the “Links” tab, click here.

You can start adding your websites by clicking on the “Create New Link” button.

Copy and paste the public URL for your website into the empty section provided, then click enter on your keyboard. You will see a preview of your website appear on the right-hand side. You’ll see a green checkmark once the website has been verified to play in Ridgelogic.

Next, you can use the following two options here for adding your public website:

  • Name your website: ScreenCloud will automatically pull the name of the website and page URL name.For example, Android News – Android Authority was automatically populated from the website we used. You can rename it to anything you see fit.

  • Tag your website: You can set keywords or phrases to tag your website and find it easily, later on, to assign it to a screen, use it in a playlist, or to cast across your screens.

  • Once you’ve finished setting up your website options, click on the “Add Link” button to finish adding your site onto your Ridgelogic device.
Links used for background audio (process listed below) will appear under the link tab.

You can use a hidden zone in Channels to play music while displaying content to your digital screens called “Background Audio”. This is useful for playing tunes, audio, and media alongside your content. This feature supports MP3 file uploads or apps (i.e. YouTube, Vimeo) in which you would like to play the audio from in the background of your display.

Please note due to general autoplay policy restrictions on web browsers that the sound might not play automatically while previewing from your account. The audio will play correctly on your screens.

For example, you can click on the drop-down menu to switch between your zones and see that “Background Audio” is available. This allows you to switch between different sections of your screen to set up and schedule content for the zones. While switched to “Background Audio” you can select “Add Content” to begin adding MP4 videos or streaming apps to this zone which will play the audio.

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