Device Showing “Offline”:
How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues

We recommend checking your connectivity through the device portal on a weekly basis to ensure that your device is connected to our system and receiving the most recent content.

How to tell if your screen is connected

To tell if your device is playing content, log in at and select “Screens” from the left-hand menu. Next to each individual screen in your account, there’s a small indicator that will be green or grey.

Here are the two modes to look out for and what they mean:

Green indicator displaying “Live”: your screens are connected and playing content, successfully connected to the server.


Grey indicator displaying “Offline”: either your screens are showing cached content in offline mode (supported by most devices) or they are not connected to the server.


Why is my screen "Offline"?

It is common that once in a while you could have a device that appears as “Offline” in your device portal. There are multiple reasons that this can commonly happen, including:
  • Poor/unstable internet connection
  • Device disconnecting from the internet
  • Distance your device is from the wireless router or internet access point
  • Device staying on for an extended period of time with no reboots

Why is my screen still showing content even though it is "Offline"?

One of Ridgelogic’s features is that it can cache/store offline media on your device.

If your device is showing offline in the device portal use the following steps to troubleshoot your connectivity.