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All-In-One Waiting Room TV Solution

Engage Customers. Decrease Perceived Wait Times. Increase Revenue.

 The go•wellness•tv pre-programmed media player connects to to any TV in your office.

The go•wellness•tv content educates your clients on relevant topics and related products and services.

Simply plug the media player to your TV and digital content will play automatically via your internet connection. It’s that easy!

Displaying go•wellness•tv digital signage  in your waiting room, lobby, treatment areas or other public spaces provides your clients with an entertaining and engaging visual experience while promoting the products and services offered in your business.

go•wellness•tv Delivers

The content

  • Full Motion Video
  • In-House Design Team
  • Share on Your Social Media

The message

  • Targeted to Your Market
  • Provided by Industry Pros
  • Updated Regularly & Automatically

The platform

  • Fully Scalable, End-to-End Solution
  • Plug and Play Simplicity
  • Flexible and Customizable
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All you need is an HDTV and internet. We take care of the rest!
  • Automatically updates weekly
  • Promotes products & services you offer
  • Includes Facebook content to share with your patients
  • Ticker with custom messages.
  • Easy-to-use device portal
  • Upload your own images or short videos
  • Try it in your office FREE for 30 days!
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Rave Reviews from our clients
Christopher McNichols

Patients start the conversation

It’s sometimes hard to have conversations about some of the services we offer our patients. I feel like a sales person. But it’s easy when they’re the ones who start the conversation.


Christopher Black, DC
HealthSource Rockhill

This solution is powerful because we have increased product sales and questions about products because of what’s playing on our screens. The content is constantly being updated so it’s not the same boring thing like a DVD on repeat.

Piers Reeve-Tucker, DC
Lusaka Chiropractic and Wellness
Lusaka, Zambia

This digital signage system is an informative and relevant patient education tool that helps me market my products to waiting patients with zero fuss. It remains flexible, allowing me to tailor my content to my patient base at an affordable cost.

Stephanie Maj, DC
Community Chiropractic

I’m busy and I don’t have time to deal with customization. I got the player in the mail, hooked it up to my wifi and immediately beautiful images came steaming into my office. A portion of the content is replaced every week with new research and articles. Another thing I love is the diversity of the slides. The slides show people of all ages, races and ethnicities. Plus, my patients love the quizzes.

Louis Verloop, DC

High Quality Graphics

I am very happy with this product. Very high quality graphics and really good content that is updated frequently. We even have patients that sit down after their adjustments just to see an entire cycle of information.


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